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HeirloomST (HST) is a Media On Demand (MOD) Cloud TV platform on both smart devices and internet web pages.

HST has created an amazing opportunity that allows you to subscribe to your very own Cloud Memory Channel just for you and your family and friends. Now, you can upload any kind of media into your special, safe & secure Memory Vault, THAT CAN THEN BE ACCESSED ON DEMAND.

Your Media can include those videos, audio files, pictures, Word docs, PDF files, and even other technology as it develops all the media that holds your special MEMORIES.

The best part of your Cloud Memory Channel is our unique Playlist Function. Playlist treats all your media like a music playlist. You choose what to include and you CREATE shows that you can let family and friends VIEW on any SMART DEVICE. HENCE, you have all your media available "On Demand" to CREATE heart moving shows.

Your media items even allow “Attachments” which are short descriptors in video, audio or text.


Your Cloud Memory Channel is like having your very own Digital 24/7 Family TV network! Create and share precious memories about special events that you can view over and over for decades and even generations.


You have countless special memories in pictures, letters, and videos that have been accumulated during your life for all your family relationships.

And they are accumulating faster than ever! But many have already been lost and others are stored away in some box or drawer or put away in an attic or garage to be lost later.

Unfortunately they gather dust and are soon forgotten along with their story and the lessons and emotions packed into the stories.

Technology turns over faster and faster turning your treasures into trash quicker than ever.

You have worked hard to create a heritage for your family. Special events, family dinners, creative gifts; all help your family know both who they are, where they came from, and whose they are.

But that is not enough.

Some day each of us will be gone and with us most of this heritage will fade into oblivion; lost to future generations.

We were each made with an innate desire and attraction to where we came from.


This is why HeirloomST was created.

To provide a method and a means to safely secure special memory treasures and make them easily accessible to our loved ones for multiple generations into the future!

We turn your Memories into Heirlooms lasting MANY Generations

Yes, you read that right. HST lets you create your own reality shows on your digital Family TV Station with your Personal Life Stories and with the Personal Life Stories of your family.

If family members decide to buy their own TV Station, their station is linked to yours in a Family Network.

Our Artificial Intelligence Algorithms use answers you provide to keep your complete 3 Dimensional FAMILY TREE MAP, automatically updated for you!

Imagine your children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren and beyond having lifelong access to your Personal Life Stories and other precious memories.

Or, you having access to the Personal Life Stories of your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters.

Your Cloud Memory Channel

of Media on Demand

HeirloomST (HST) is like a roll up of:

Memory Vault

Our Proprietary Memory Vault makes everything on HeirloomST (HST) possible!

The HST Memory Vault is like a special use kind of Dropbox on steroids. All file forms that contain your special treasured memories can be converted from their original technology format into a digital file. Videos, audios, texts, diplomas, passports, letters, anything that a picture or pdf can be made from. Converting to a digital format allows these treasured memories to be stored, categorized, and administered for who you choose to access

Once digitized, each person's precious memories are stored in our unique Memory Vault regardless of file type. You finally KNOW that your pictures and videos and special memories will survive to become those HEIRLOOMS that build your legacy for many generations!

In our 3D Family Map, each individual is shown with an Info Box, including a picture and some basic information including the 'relationship' to the user viewing the 3D Family Map. Each Info Box is a WINDOW into the Memory Vault of that person. The viewer will have been assigned a code- (see below) by each Memory Vault owner to allow access to certain files.

A user can select a Play List from their owe Memory Vault or other peoples' Memory Vaults as allowed. These play lists can be set up as SHOWS in the user's Cloud Family Channel.

To easily administer who can access specific files- File segments are set up into color coded layers for sharing:

Personal Only - User eyes only

Intimate relationships- immediate family and special friends

Close relationships - Extended family and close friends

Casual relationships - Other family and friends

Periodic relationships - Know each other

Public - everyone can see

Families in today’s
world are complicated

No longer is it just husband and wife and children and in-laws, and sets of grandparents, etc. Now we have multiple marriages, adoptions, step parents, step family trees, children from unmarried parents, and the list is almost endless.

The family tree today takes a map! So at HST, we had our smart tech people create smart technology to build 3 Dimensional Family Tree Maps that automatically build themselves as new members are invited and their relationships are explained.

Our proprietary algorithms create a special Family Tree that not only is time sensitive but can include both Family and Friends who your Family Tree is linked with. You can even see what the 3D Family Map looks like at any date in the past!

Our Story

Thomas Noon


I was sitting in my reading chair and noticed the storage bin where I put things I want to save was FULL.

So I started cleaning the bin out.

10 Years Worth of Stuff!

What I found was more than I expected! I had been filling this bin for 10 years and the accumulated stuff included everything from treasured memories to junk.

When I go to the bottom of the bin I found a truly SPECIAL TREASURE!

A MANILA FOLDER with Christmas Letters from my oldest son and each member of his family.

Letters from 10 years ago from my son, his wife, and 3 of his now 4 children. Each telling me some special memories from that year.

Then came the blockbuster that sent my heart into tears.

My son’s letter said,

“Dad, I just read your Christmas letter to me from 10 years ago (20 years ago from the time I was reading this) and it said that your dream was that when I grew up and had a family of my own, that we would be best friends. Dad, it happened!”

Every time I think about this, a new tear comes to my eye.

HeirloomST was birthed in my heart at that moment.

I thought, “What if I had not cleaned out this bin and this folder was lost?”

I could have lost this very, very special treasure forever. But, unless I did something, I still could lose it.

Worse yet, my whole family could lose it. I realized I had a bonanza of old pictures and videos, and MEMORIES of stories from both my own and my family’s past.

My wife and I had lost both of our parents, and we went through the heartbreaking time of rummaging through old boxes of exactly this kind of special treasures, but in our grief at that time, I am not sure we found and saved what we should have.


Thomas Noon

as a little boy
I realized that I needed a new way to capture, store and share these treasures. So, I got with a technology friend of mine and we put together a system using the INTERNET OF THINGS to create a solution:

The Picture from my front wall.
(The inspiration for our logo)

My son, Joshua, painted this picture as a present. Joshua is not an artist but this is the most valuable masterpiece that I could have ever received.

The left side of the picture represents where my family was headed based on the first 29 years of my life. I had made a mess out of my life.

But one choice in December 1978 changed the trajectory of my entire family.

That was THE DAY!

About HST



Why we are

We will change each client’s heritage, using technology and best practices, to transform families so they can enrich the lives of every family member.



What we are

HeirloomST is a secure platform that stores and publishes on demand special memory treasures on a multi-generational basis.



Where are we going

HeirloomST wants to change the world by building life changing relationships 1 family at a time!

Our Culture

Leadership through Core Priorities built from Values


Faith in Action

Excel in Good Intentions and Great Execution
Amaze & Delight our Clients with Quality and Value
Disrupt through Innovation
Enrich the Lives of everyone we touch
Build Trusted Relationships

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